Lara Mats is an Artist who makes one-of-a-kind
handmade jewelry and bridal accessories

Basic feature of these artworks is that they are made to
be premium. Most of her creations are inspired by
nature and the filigree design. Each piece is completely
handcrafted and there hasn't been used any mold.
One of the things that make Lara Mats unique is that
she doesn't paint the creations. She uses special
techniques where she combines different colors of
polymer clay. For this reason they will never fade.
In this way she achieves this beautiful, vivid and
eye-catching result. Even though each piece looks
dramatic, it is in fact so light as a feather due to the
material processing.

Lara Mats Handmade Jewelry are addressed to
elegant and chic women who want to stand out
with style.